For Students & Graduates

Being part of the AMBA & BGA community opens up access to a network of over 67,000 members, free of charge, for life.

There are many benefits to being part of this network including professional development opportunities, career enhancement services, access to exclusive thought leadership content and online events specifically tailored towards ambitious lifelong learners.

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Students and graduates from AMBA-accredited or BGA-member business schools are eligible to join the AMBA & BGA student and graduate network, which provides an array of services to assist in advancing your career.

From CV-building services and job search tools to skill assessments, thought leadership, our book club, and beyond.

Member content hub

Explore resources focused on professional growth and career advice designed specifically for students and graduates from business schools. This includes our book club, featuring a curated collection of management and business practice books available at attractive discounts, along with our exclusive thought leadership content.

Student & Graduate events

We organise a variety of events and webinar masterclasses for students and graduates. These events are customised to offer professional development opportunities and keep participants informed about the latest trends impacting businesses worldwide.

Find the right international business school or programme for you using our school search tools.

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If you have any questions regarding our student and graduate membership offering please contact our dedicated Membership Team.